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First Draft of Hashish State Law Statutes
(work in progress)

Written by, John Lucy

Alabama- Hash Possession is a class C Felony with a MMS of 1 year & a maximum sentence of 10 years as well as a $5k fine. Hash Sale is a Class B felony with a MMS of 2 years & a maximum of 20 years and a $10k fine.

Alaska- Same as Marijuana Laws

Arizona- Same as Marijuana Laws

Arkansas- 6gm or more rebuttable presumption of intent to sell, otherwise same as Marijuana laws

California- Any Amount of Hashish is a $500 Fine & up to 1 year of jail, misdemeanor or felony at discretion of prosecutor.

Colorado- Possession of any Amount Class 5 Felony 1 -3 years Prison $1,000 - $100,000 Fine + ($1,125 surcharge) (All other crimes, sale, cultivation, manufacture are any amount & Felony)

Connecticut- Same as Marijuana Laws

Delaware- Same as Marijuana Laws

District of Columbia- Same as Marijuana Laws

Florida- 893.13 Possession or Sale is a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 (A felony of the third degree, by a term of imprisonment not exceeding 5 years)

Georgia- Possession of Synthetic Cannibinoids a felony, Natural Hashish is still considered Marijuana

Case Law Decision Here: MARIJUANA AND THC. --Any sample containing tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) which would otherwise fall under the definition of marijuana shall be considered marijuana unless it either contains more than 15 percent by weight of THC or does not exhibit the external morphological features of the plant cannabis.

Osborn v. State, 161 Ga. App. 132, 291 S.E.2d 22 (1982). Cannabis Resin is Cannabis, but Synthetic THC is not Cannabis.

Hawaii- Defined as Marijuana Concentrates which include hashish. Class A felony for Sale/Distribution of 1/8 of an oz or possession of one oz or more. Class B Felony for distribution of any amount or possession of between 1/8th to 1 oz of concentrate. Class C Felony for 25 capsules/dosage units of cannabis concentrate

Idaho-Same as Marijuana

Illinois- Same as Marijuana

Indiana- 2 grams of hash instead of 30 for MJ possession, 2 grams instead of 30 grams of MJ for sale, and 300 grams instead of 10lbs. See chart for more info

Iowa- Same as Marijuana

Kansas- Same as Marijuana

Kentucky- Same as Marijuana

Louisiana- Same as Marijuana

Maine- Possession is a class D Felony (Up to 1 year), Sale is a Class C Felony (Up to 5 years)

Maryland- Same as Marijuana

Massachusetts- Class C instead of D

Michigan- Felony, Schedule 1 Drug, Includes all concentrates/Synthetic, Up to 4 years for up to 25 grams, 1kg or more up to life in prison.

Minnesota- Felony, A person convicted for possession or sale of resinous marijuana or Concentrates may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than five years or to payment of a fine of not more than $ 10,000, or both. Minn. Stat 152.025

Mississippi-Imprisoned for not more than thirty (30) years and shall be fined not less than Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) nor more than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00), or both for ANY amount of Hash

Missouri- Same as Marijuana, Hashish is included in the definition of Marijuana, whereas synthetic Cannibinoids are not.

Montana- Possession of 1 gram of hashish is, for the first offense, guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not less than $ 100 or more than $ 500 and by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than 6 months. Greater than 1 gram or second offense shall be a felony up to 5 years or be fined an amount not to exceed $ 50,000 or both.

Nebraska- Possession is a Class IV Felony, Distribution is a Class III Felony (Includes Resin, Any Product with Greater than 10% THC Concentration by Weight, and Synthetic Cannibinoids) Class III is MMS of 1 year with a maximum of 30 years & up to $25k Fine Class IV Felony is up to 5 years with a fine of up to $10k

Nevada- Same as Marijuana

New Hampshire-Possession of Hashish is a misdemeanor although possession of more than 5g invokes a up to a 3k fine, Distribution is a Felony and scaled starting with 3 years for less than 5g and going up to 20 years for more than 1lb of hashish with up to a 300k Fine.

New Jersey- Possession of 5 g or less misdemeanor up to 6 months $1k. Possession of more than 5g is a felony with up to 18 months and up to $25k Fine. Distribution is scaled starting with any amount up to 5g is a felony 18 months & up to $25k fine and maxing out at 10-20 & $300k Fine

New Mexico- See State Folder

New York- Hashish possession greater than < oz is a class D felony. Possession of greater than 1 oz is a Class C Felony. Sale of any amount of hashish is a Class C Felony. (??? Assume that less than < oz possession is treated as marihuana, as concentrated cannabis is included in the definition of marihuana, which would make it a civil violation. ???)

North Carolina- Same as MJ, except 1/20 of oz & 3/20 of an oz instead of 1/2 oz & 1.5 oz (Levels for Possession of Marijuana) for hashish. Greater than 3/20 oz of hashish is a felony with a 4-6 month sentence for sale & a 3-6 month sentence for possession.

North Dakota- Same as Marijuana (Hashish is included in the definition of Marijuana, but also defined separately)

Ohio- See state Folder

Oklahoma- Same as Marijuana

Oregon- Generally same as marijuana, except in certain instances for sentencing purposes related to commercial drug offenses

Pennsylvania- See State Folder

Rhode Island- Same as Marijuana

South Carolina- Same as Marijuana Laws, except 10grams instead of 1 oz is the cutoff between simple possession and sale.

South Dakota- Possession or Distribution of Hashish is a Class 4 Felony with up to a 10 year sentence and up to a $20k fine.

Tennessee- Simple Possession is a Class A Misdemeanor Possession with Intent to Distribute:
0-2lbs Class E felony MMS 1 Year with Max of 6 Years and $3k fine.
2-4lbs Class D Felony MMS 2 years with Max of 12 years and $5k fine.
4-8lbs Class C Felony MMS 3 years with Max of 15 Years and $10k fine.
8-15lbs Class B Felony MMS 8 Years with Max of 30 years & $25k fine.
15+lbs Class A Felony 15 Year MMS with Max of 60 years & $50k fine.
Penalties from (Tenn. Code Ann. ' 40-35-111)
Tenn. Code Ann. ' 39-17-417

Texas- Felony, Tex. Health & Safety Code ' 481.103 & Sec. 481.116

Utah-Same as Marijuana

Vermont-Same as Marijuana

Virginia- Same as Marijuana unless Hashish oil with greater than 12% potency (??? Weird Law here, not sure what is going on with this. ???)

Washington- Same as Marijuana

West Virginia-Same as Marijuana

Wisconsin- Same as Marijuana

Wyoming- Same as Marijuana

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